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My glamorous aunt MG stepping out in Elizabeth Bay, August 2016

MG in sunglasses with someone else’s Italian scooter, August 2016

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Post #110 Saturday 20 April 2019 – Sometimes Always Never

Letters from America
These letters are my glamorous aunt’s posts on her adventures and her life and times as a
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Saturday 20 April 2019

I went to the Orpheum at Cremorne last night, which was Good Friday, and saw a film about the late life journey of a difficult man, which was funny, agonising and heartfelt in equal parts:  Sometimes Always Never.

The film had been recommended to me (thank you!).  Here is a link to a  summary review:

The context of the film was all very English until, toward the end, there was an extended allusion to the classic Swedish film by Ingmar Bergman, The Seventh Seal – though instead of playing chess with the grim reaper our hero plays Scrabble.

I am not knowledgeable about cinema and really have never have had much interest in a lot of Hollywood offerings (I am not lying, I only saw Top Gun for the first time this year).  But even though I have no film background I managed to see three of the great modern film masterpieces probably four times each (I kid you not), before I turned 17.  They were:  Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali’s Un Chien Andalou, Sergei Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin and Ingmar Bergman’s Seventh Seal.  This makes me very good at spotting cinematic allusions to the masterpieces!  A couple of my highschool teachers were exceptionally taken with these classic films (and soundtracks) and thus I came to see a lot of them.  If  you can imagine a post-Whitlam  public high school education with a touch of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie’s not entirely innocent idealism, then you have a picture of some of my high school experience.

Quite apart from high school, the film that struck me the most ever I think, was probably Bonnie and Clyde (the original).  Chinatown was brilliant too.  And Hitchcock’s Rear Window.  Any takers among you with favourite films?  I forgot The Rocky Horror Show… what a lot of sheer joy that was 🙂

Happy Easter friends xx

The Seventh Seal

Post #109 Thursday 14 March 2019 – Aquijo

Letters from America
These letters are my glamorous aunt’s posts on her adventures and her life and times as a
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Thursday 14 March 2019

This week I could see from my balcony the tops of two incredibly tall masts rising up out Sydney Cove.  I couldn’t see what they belonged to so walked down yesterday to have a look.  Coming round the West facing edge of Mrs Macquarie’s chair, looking out across the current Opera on the Harbour set for West Side Story, was an enormous ketch.   I took a snap, including the dinghy in the foreground on the left for scale.

I searched the web when I got home for “maxi cruising ketch”. After a bit of clicking around I discovered that this is Aquijo, the largest ketch in the world at 85 metres. She is currently cruising the South Pacific and was most recently visiting New Zealand. Her masts and rigging were designed in New Zealand and she was built in the Netherlands in 2016.

I don’t want to be boorish about boats, but this was pretty special.

A couple of links:

https://www.yachtingworld.com/extraordinary-boats/aquijo-10478 https://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/local-news/central-leader/107444289/one-of-the-largest-sailing-superyachts-docks-in-auckland–and-for-800k-you-can-charter-it

xx MG

Post #108 Sunday 3 March 2019 – Neighbourhood charm

Letters from America
These letters are my glamorous aunt’s posts on her adventures and her life and times as a
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Sunday 3 March 2019

At the end of Victoria Street, where the road ends and becomes a paved pathway a little lane way joins up with the path. It’s a dead end that meets the last apartment blocks on St Neot’s Avenue (which you can get to only by sandstone stairway). It’s a charming part of the Potts Point neighbourhood. A local wit has added some cats to the traffic sign in the lane way.

And this is a view of the lane way with the sign in place (well it’s a bit obscured in the hedge), looking across to the City. It’s not the best photo of all time but it’s still a lovely evening outlook.

MG xx