1. Sir Gar of the Council Privy


    If they’re Kiwi, then they’re jandels – beached as. ..

    I didn’t think you’d need to go to the gym, I can’t imagine glamorous aunts sweating – don’t you just glow ? My illusions are shattered. What next – protein shakes ?

    • MG


      Oh my you mean Beached Az? The animated series for under fives that was on the ABC that I just love?

      Ok I will have to impose on you and give you a link to one of my favourite episodes involving the encounter with the skinny dipping sea slug.

      Well, these days I really go to the gym because the personal trainer I see is self employed. I have to keep going to the gym because I want him to keep earning a living.

      Sweat? No I don’t think I have ever sweated at the gym, it’s circuit training so I might tremble a little sometimes but no sweating as its not cardio 🙂

      The personal trainer has been wanting to do a little video for this website. He thinks it should involve a visual narrative of me at the gym while I go through my various resistance training and weight lifting exercises. OK. Am I willing to do that? Yes. I think I could subject myself to that little torture (I am just not an exhibitionist at all so that really is torture). When? I am just not sure. I will know the right time when it comes.

      Yes well, at one stage I tried a protein shake made of chocolate and blueberries, as I am always up for an adventure. While it was a great flavour the whole thing was a bit weird. It confirmed for me that I don’t do milkshakes either.
      xx MG

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