1. Sir Gar of the Council Privy


    The look on the middle child’s face epitomises the awe which Glamorous Aunts should inspire. The ground you cover in this post is quite something too – with some wonderful music. I thought you might have gone all Carmen on us, instead. But maybe I am too focused on cigars.

    • MG


      Yes I do like that expression on the child’s face and his pose.

      And no, I cannot go all Carmen alas, though the cigar presented a great opportunity.

      Carmen is not really a glamorous aunt: feisty and seductive but essentially at the mercy of men, and her emotional attachment to [that species].

      I think my glamorous aunt is on a different plane from Carmen when it comes to men. She’s not likely to resort to feminine wiles or passions to get her way. Frankly she doesn’t care that much.
      If a man cannot see the sense in the task so be it. She’s a bit too English really – in a British Raj/Judi Dench kind of way – to get drawn into romance very easily.

      Plenty of loyalty and generosity. But passionate love? Yes, but it would more likely be closely concealed and secretly treasured for 25 years or more:-) It would not be rehearsed in operatic from…a la Carmen.
      xx MG

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