1. Sir Gazza of the Council Privy


    I see your Cape Chestnut and raise you a Crepe Myrtle. I used to live in a street that had massed planting of Crepe Myrtle and it made this boring suburban street really something wonderful during January/February. Or if you’re a New Zealander and you feel homesick you should go check out the Pohutakawas in the park above Bondi Beach where the Grounds coffee shop is.

  2. MG


    Dear Sir G,
    Great flowering trees!
    OK I will watch out for crepe myrtle in January/February. There is o ne thing I have always liked about crepe myrtle and its not actually the blossoms. It’s that lovely smooth multi coloured trunk surface you see when the tree is bare in winter. It’s bark I know but it is shiny and smooth as ceramic. And the bare tree also gets a coppiced look in off season which is very attractive.
    And those coastal red flowers on the Pohutakawas are very handsome. I will investigate the Bondi plantings – even though I am not a homesick New Zealander -)
    Great trees.

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