Vital statistics

5 feet 1 inches

Hair colour:
medium blonde

Hair length: 
shoulder length

Eye colour: 
dark blue

Skin colour: 
light olive

Body type:
some curves and a bit athletic, generally small and graceful.

Dress size:

Bra size:

58-60 kgs

Shoe size: 
8 AU


one piercing to each ear lobe for ear rings.

one very pale scar on each breast, barely noticeable, from reduction surgery (yes, reduction – twice!).

sociable but somewhat introverted.  Forgiving.  Interested in all kinds of people.  Kind.  Always up for an adventure.

Personal life: 
rich and fulfilling.  And yes, there is a man in my life who is aware of my work and who supports my security, my wellbeing and my creative endeavours.  So there is nothing missing in my life, I am very fortunate.

Pets now and in the recent past: 
(a) my 13 year old lilac Burmese cat called Mollie Mouse – of whom I had joint custody with my ex – has very sadly gone to cat heaven after a short illness;
(b) 20,000 worms of three different introduced varieties all called Miriam, collectively The Miriams.  They live on the south facing part of the balcony in a worm farm where they process all my kitchen scraps, and
(c) about a dozen regular visiting lorikeets whom I feed every morning with honey dissolved in warm water.

Relationship style: 


Gentleman kindly respect a woman’s right to lie about her age!
You know the Oscar Wilde saying:
“One should never trust a woman who tells one her real age. A woman who would tell one that would tell one anything.”
In my experience 39 is an excellent age and so I have stayed 39 for a number of years now.