Availability, Location, Fees

Updated December 2019


Having made significant changes in my incall arrangements recently, and also changes in my level of work outside escorting,  my current availability is more limited than it once was.

However I will have regular scheduled extended stays in Sydney each month.  

I will post details of my availability for the coming month on the front page of the website and update them throughout the month as bookings are made.


My incall for scheduled extended stays will, at this stage, be a hotel in my old neighbourhood in Potts Point, a short walk from the railway station at Kings Cross.


The escort experience:

$350      1.5 hours – half hour companionship and one hour erotic.   
This is now my minimum booking.

$450      2 hours – one hour companionship and one hour erotic.

Evening dinner date:

$550      3 hours –  two hours companionship, one hour erotic.

Longer dates including overnight:
I no longer offer overnights or extended periods away.  I don’t like being away from home for work these days.  If you are someone I am really close to, I might relent :-).

I now only do massage as part of an escort session.  Equipment is just not available easily for the massage work to be doable on its’ own.

Social bookings:
If you want to see me for an exclusively social booking the rates for the export experience apply.

Scheduled city stays and one off visits:
For my scheduled extended stays in Sydney or Canberra there are no extra travel charges.
For separately arranged visits to Sydney or elsewhere to see just you 🙂 there are extra charges for travel time and expenses (including incall accommodation, if required).  

A deposit may be required where incall, travel or other costs are to be incurred for the booking.  These deposits have to clear before the meeting goes ahead.  

Some people ask why my fees are not as high as the fees charged by other escorts.  There are a few reasons but I can assure you it’s not because you will be getting a lesser service or that I charge for “extras”.  In fact you will likely find the service I give is one of the best you have had, and that I am consistently very generous with my time, attention and energy.