Frequently asked questions

♦  Why are you called MG?

It’s a nickname I like to use for work.  The full name I use for work now is Margot Grey – because it matches my intials.  Margot is very similar to my real name (Marita is my real name and I’ve never been called by it).

You can read the Letter from America #72 for the full story of my name.  Here’s a link: https://myglamorousaunt.com/2018/02/02/post-72-sunday-4-february-2018-my-real-name/

♦  Why are the blog posts called Letters from America? 

It’s a name taken from a favourite weekly radio broadcast called Letter from America which was made by a journalist Alistair Cooke from the 1940s to 1995.  The name is used as a homage to his broadcast which I really enjoyed.

You can read the Letter from American #40 for the full explanation.   Here’s a link:https://myglamorousaunt.com/2017/07/04/post-40-tuesday-4-july-2017-letters-from-america-and-alistair-cooke/