Booking & contact


Please send a text to my phone number giving:

  • your name;
  • the kind of meeting you would like;
  • the time you would like to meet; and
  • the place you would like to meet.

I can reply to you as soon as I read your text.

If you want to reach me, it is not wise to call and hang up without sending a text.
There are many missed calls and hang ups from unknown numbers.  Although I respond by text to as many of these missed calls as I can, very few of these callers ever do me the courtesy of replying.  These people are what is known in the escort world as “time wasters”.  Time wasters notoriously take up the precious time of the independent escort without any intention of becoming a genuine client.   I am much happier paying attention to  people with real needs, not time wasters, and people who send me helpful texts will always get priority.

If you are a new client and calling from a private number I will not answer that call.  If you send me a text however, I will know who you are and be able to respond.


The contact number for me is:

Ph: 0452 008 597

Please send texts rather than leaving voice messages.  It is easy for me to respond promptly to a text, a voice message is not so easy.


I do have an email address which I give out on an ad hoc basis to let people send a specific message, for instnace if it’s too long to send by SMS.  I have had one very regrettable experience with email though – I missed an email altogether.  So if do send me an email you absolutely must also send me a text saying you have done that, otherwise I will your communication.  Your messages are important to me so please don’t let this happen.  I don’t check the email unless I know there is one specially scheduled to arrive.  Maybe I can be criticised for doings things this way.  My problem is I just have too many things trying to get my attention so I try to streamline matters.