Contact me


Please send a text to my phone number giving:

    • your name;
    • the kind of meeting you would like;
    • the time you would like to meet; and
    • the place you would like to meet (at my incall or your hotel).

I can reply to you as soon as I read your text.

If I am free I am OK to take short notice bookings.


The contact number for me is:

0452 008 597

Please send texts rather than leaving voice messages.  It is easy for me to respond promptly to a text, a voice message is not so easy.


I only use an email to send my newsletters, not to receive messages.  If you send me an email I am not going to see it, which will lead to disappointment.


I do have a Twitter account @myglamorousaunt which I keep for existing clients who happen to like Twitter.  I generally cross post from the website though so it’s not especially different material that appears on Twitter.  I don’t use Twitter to advertise.  If you would like to follow the account just text to let me know.  I will need to go through the process of adding you formally because it is a locked account – not very sociable for a social media account I know 🙂 but there are reasons for this.