Post #100 Sunday 23 September – Testimonial thank you with selfies

Letters from America
These letters are my glamorous aunt’s posts on her adventures and her life and times as a
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Sunday 23 September 2018

I want to send a heartfelt thank you to the generous soul who wrote me a testimonial on the Scarlet Blue website.  It was unexpected and very kind!

As a few of you have noticed I have included a name on the Scarlet Blue directory listing (Margot Grey) but please do not be put off by this! I am still, more than ever, the original MG!  It’s just that I now have a full name for listing on the Scarlet Blue directory which makes it easier for people when they are looking at profiles.  So do not be alarmed.  I am just adapting to the advertising system that’s all.

I have been posting day to day pictures on Twitter over the last few weeks and here are a few of the recent ones.

There is a shot of me enduring the hairdresser’s attentions for literally hours, then a happy snap of me finally escaping!







Then a cheerful selfie of my bottom in the mirror taken last Wednesday morning.  And a more subdued selfie on Thurdsay morning when it was overcast.   xx MG

A twitter account for my glamorous aunt

There is now a twitter account for your glamorous aunt.

You can find the account by searching in twitter for: @myglamorousaunt

Here are the account’s profile photos , just so you know you have arrived at the right place – just follow the judicious use of animal print and the gleaming  vintage sports car.  At this stage the account is routinely tweeting about posts that are made here on the website.  In due course though the twitter account will be an easy place for photos and information to be posted directly and for people to make comments and chat in real time.


my namesake:↓








MG xx
Now in twitter and looking forward to seeing you there too