Post #100 Sunday 23 September – Testimonial thank you with selfies

Letters from America
These letters are my glamorous aunt’s posts on her adventures and her life and times as a
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Sunday 23 September 2018

I want to send a heartfelt thank you to the generous soul who wrote me a testimonial on the Scarlet Blue website.  It was unexpected and very kind!

As a few of you have noticed I have included a name on the Scarlet Blue directory listing (Margot Grey) but please do not be put off by this! I am still, more than ever, the original MG!  It’s just that I now have a full name for listing on the Scarlet Blue directory which makes it easier for people when they are looking at profiles.  So do not be alarmed.  I am just adapting to the advertising system that’s all.

I have been posting day to day pictures on Twitter over the last few weeks and here are a few of the recent ones.

There is a shot of me enduring the hairdresser’s attentions for literally hours, then a happy snap of me finally escaping!







Then a cheerful selfie of my bottom in the mirror taken last Wednesday morning.  And a more subdued selfie on Thurdsay morning when it was overcast.   xx MG


  1. TR

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    MG I thought you were taking a sabbatical, never mind it is good that you have not completely abandoned your Letters from America in favour of Twitter. I do however enjoy you day to day photos capturing the mood of the day particularly the subdued selfie on an overcast Sudney day. That photo is the original MG having just a touch of MG star quality. Sorry for pinching some lyrics from ‘Evita’ which I enjoyed the other night.
    No need to be alarmed then, thanks for the reassurance. Take care beautiful.😘
    Kind Regards Rob xx

    • MG

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      Hello Rob! I had to leave off doing my weekly Letters from America because I was just getting so busy with work in the country! Yes I got a few selfies in so you know I am still well and truly alive! xx MG

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