1. David


    I love your little vignettes, learning unexpected things. I had always thought this tree was a version of a Camellia – I am really ignorant when it comes to matters horticultural. I also wonder if it was named after a dude called Gordon? I also can’t believe people get upset about falling leaves and flowers, they’re magical. Sydney is at its best in the purple carpet of Jacaranda that we get in October (just be careful where you park your car). Thank you for your posts.

    • MG


      David is it fun doing little vignettes. They are intended to be entertainment. Now I think your speculation about the name Gordonia is probably right and I will keep my eye out. Gordon could well be General Gordon of Crimean War fame. I looked him up in wikipedia and he seems to be famous for his service in China too. And the Gordonia does look like a camellia which is an oriental flower. So a connection perhaps?

      Oh yes it is a special obsession with order and constraint in the face of untidy natural splendour. Contrast surf life savers in their close fitting uniforms doing their regimented drills as against the gorgeous wild and sensual environment of the surf beach. Some people have just got to make their costumes tighter 🙂 Must not let all that natural beauty get in the way.

      xx MG

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