1. David


    Dear MG, I’ve never quite got on the Kate band wagon, but her Lose My shit video reminded me of the Bic Runga concert I went to last Sunday. She had a harpist as part of her band and the effect was stunning. If you closed your eyes during her jam with Bic on piano you would have had a hard time knowing it was a harp. You can catch the harpist at her website http://www.nataliamann.com/selected-videos.html but it doesn’t really capture the incredible way she blended in with the soft pop groove. In case you haven’t heard of Bic (it was 20 years since her major hit) it’s worth revisiting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w28ZREQe3_Q
    Yours at the trailing edge ….

    • MG


      Oh yes Bic Runga excellent! I will definitely enjoy cruising on the website! In truth I am very selective about the Kate MH things I like and I do agree it can be a bit of a bandwagon. My Japanese girlfriend went to the White Rabbit (?) opera thing twice.
      I am sure there is some credible way to join leading and trailing edges xx MG

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