1. David


    Dear MG

    They’re a weird mob, the Japanese. Where else can you buy comic books depicting extreme sexual violence and yet have the genitalia blurred. I searched Akira on the web and only found some PG rated close ups that were striking but obviously not representative of his ouevre. I’m not sure that I can enjoy his art, I find violence unsettling and that shot is all violence.

    Whereas white knickers to me are the antithesis of all that, the softness, the feminininity – aaah, to bury my face between your thighs while you are wearing these, nothing unsettling about that – well for me anyway.

    As to your silver heels, that shot is lovely, the shadow, the textured blue cloth and of course your beautiful torso, it may not be art but I know what I like.

    • MG


      delightful to speak with you always David.
      Yes there are many mysterious things about the Japanese erotic aesthetic. The photographic images I was looking for related to Akira’s incorporation of Godzilla-like plastic toys into his erotic shots. These images are really very funny. He would have a girl restrained in some severe Japanese style of bondage rope tie and then plant a couple of miniature plastic dinosaurs along her thigh heading in the direction of her pussy. I couldn’t find any of these comic images alas and so I ended up with the Yakuza image. The male figure there is a serious version of dinosaur sex, Godzilla energy, an ominous crouching lizard.
      I am intrigued by some of the Japanese erotic aesthetic (what I know of it anyway), including the Shunga images and tentacle porn (so called). The Manga style schoolgirls aren’t on the list though 🙂
      xx MG

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