1. David

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    I don’t think there could ever be too much erotic content of MG, whether it is in nature or simply your bed. Maybe you could set up a members section for your site to allow your gentlemen visitors to enjoy material generated for their benefit. Which makes me realise that I have been very rude in being tardy in calling on you, I must make up for that soon.

    And once again you display your remarkable taste, Keith Olberman is an incisive commetator, it’s a pity not more people pay attention.

    • MG

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      Thank you David, that is very complimentary.
      I would love to do more content for the website – there is so much to share! So let’s see what this year brings.
      I look forward to seeing you as ever, but I am not put out if you cannot make it, I just expect you to miss me (but you already know that :-).
      Keith Olbermann is very engaging, I am glad you are a viewer too!

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